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I’m a 20-something-year-old economist based in Washington, DC, employed at an International Organization doing economic research in the research department (nerdy, huh?).

Because I work with numbers all day long, it’s a relief to play with words several times a week for my fiction blog, Of Poets and Heartbreakers, and now, for this new blog, made for writers and those that want to publish their work.

Me posing with gifts for top readers of my blog Of Poets & Heartbreakers

A true “Third Culture Kid” or Global Nomad, I grew up around the world. My first 22 years of life were a whirlwind of countries, cultures and adventures alongside some very courageous parents. As a consequence, I’m a little weird. I can’t figure out where home is, I have very strong opinions regarding specific airports and airlines, and my life sorry consists of “and then we moved to”, about 20 times. But more importantly, I have always loved to write and now, as an result of a life intensely lived, I feel like I have a lot of compelling stories to tell.

My guiltiest of pleasures include following @textsfromyourex on Instagram and singing along to the old version of Taylor Swift. You’re likely to find me listening to the likes of Paul Simon, Van Morrison, and recently, some Indie Folk Rock as I work and write. I spend my free time biking and trying (read failing) to play my lefty guitar. In the winter, I do what I can to ski on a budget during the weekends. If, by any chance, you still want to know more about me, check out this post.

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Feel at home here.

Check out the Resources tab for a range of links to information I’m collecting on the process and this section where I document my steps towards publishing, marketing and blogging.

For those who are just venturing into fiction writing but are not looking to publish, I also share tips I’ve learned through experience for fiction writing here.

If you would like to promote your work with everyone who reads this blog, check out that space here.

Again, thank you so much for stopping bychime in around the site, and, most importantly have an amazing rest of the day!

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