My 6 Rules for the Publication Process

Anything worth doing comes at a cost. The bigger the dream, the higher the cost.

Having accepted that being a novelist will take my life, sweat and blood, the economist within me has a few questions. Agents in economic models seek to maximize utility (wellbeing) at the lowest cost. In other words, the economist in me is very interested in finding the most efficient way of achieving my goals – you could even call it the maximization of resources.

Thus emerge the 6 Clarag Rules for the Publication Process, which are meant to keep the process moving as efficiently as possible. They can be applied to those who are working on any writing project, whether in blogs or through books (self or traditional publishing). Importantly, they are based on information shared by those who know much more than I do.

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5 things I learned about writing, while blogging fiction

  1. Online story-telling is a good way to establish a writing discipline.

When I began my fiction blog Of Poets & Heartbreakers, most people I spoke to about it would ask me what I was trying to achieve. After thinking about my incentives, I realized that what I wanted was practice and feedback. I mean it exactly in the “basketball practice”, “volleyball practice” type of way.

When you write for yourself, you don’t get feedback and practice can lag. But, when you start writing for others, even if you’re looking to attract just a couple followers who enjoy and critique your work, you must let them know your publication schedule and stick to it. If you don’t stick to it, they will stop coming back to read your story (yes, I’ve learned this the hard way).

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