Author Spotlight: How did Tammara Webber make it?

You’re always going to have to learn through your own experience, but it’s best if you’re prepared by having read others who have gone through it.

In 450 words or less, the “Author Spotlights” help shine light on contemporary writers of different genres, and concentrates on how they gained popularity so that you can have a head start on yours.


Indie author Tammara Webber published four books (and wrote an additional four) before hitting a bestseller with Easy. Prior to its release, she wrote weekly teasers and shared the upcoming novel’s cover. Although she “honestly has no idea” how her book got noticed, she does note that  favorable reviews from book bloggers really helped spread the word about it. Her entire marketing strategy is simply to “interact with readers and know [her] audience”.

Her advice to us [this has been shortened, for the full text visit this page]:

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