New Book! The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods

As part of my effort to showcase new and aspiring authors, I’m very happy to share the following blurb!

If you would like to participate with yours, simply send an email to and check out this post that explains a few more steps.

The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods

There’s a beast of a storm brewing, and only a god can stop it.

Señora Milagros, familiar to the dog-god of Mercy (sometimes called the chupacabra) is ready to retire. But her apprentice and replacement, Carmen, is missing. With natural disasters occurring in a most unnatural manner, she suspects there’s a connection behind Puerto Rico’s unusual weather, the disappearance, and their god’s bigger plan.

The god is like a vortex, pulling people in to the events they must be part of, to fulfill a purpose that only He knows. But, without a familiar, the god will remain weak and vulnerable to predation by other deities. Milagros needs to find and unite the god with his new familiar before it’s too late. It’s not only her retirement at stake, but the entire world’s future.

Facebook: @MarinaMelee

Twitter: LMHinkey



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