New book! The Keresa Headdress

As part of my effort to showcase new and aspiring authors, I’m very happy to share the following blurb!

If you would like to participate with yours, simply send an email to and check out this post that explains a few more steps.

Keresa Headdress

The Keresa Headdress, by Larry Shackelford

It’s just a routine case at the FBI’s Salt Lake City offices. The young woman’s boyfriend is missing, possibly dead. Agent Karen Adams thinks he’s probably just out with another woman—but then the Royal Canadian Mounted Police come calling. Why would they care about a wayward addict cheating on his girlfriend in Utah? Soon, Karen is involved in a case like nothing she’s ever seen, navigating through an international criminal network of drugs, sex trafficking, murder, and the black market trade of priceless archaeological relics. Her new partner Marcus “Playboy” McCoy—handsome, charming, and almost unbearably crass—is equal parts help and hindrance as she navigates a seamy underworld in the Utah desert. But she also finds assistance from some unusual sources: a graduate student in archaeology, a dissatisfied sister-wife from a polygamous commune, and an undercover Canadian Mountie. Together they become entangled in the web of international crime and the only way out is to find the most priceless artifact of all: the legendary Keresa Headdress.



“Let me set the scene…imagine, if you will, Lethal Weapon mixed with Indiana Jones, 24, Spooks, Little House on the Prairie and I don’t know…something similar to the beautiful romance that was in Water for Elephants — I kid you not — This was all in one book!”

“There is no doubt in my mind that Shackelford is a master storyteller – it was just like watching a movie – it was that easy to read. The pace of the story did not once slow down. This book draws you in and keeps you there, right up to the end.”

Now go on and read it!


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