New Book! The Coffee Date

As part of my effort to showcase new and aspiring authors, I’m very happy to share the following blurb! If you would like to participate with yours, simply send an email to and check out this post that explains a few more steps.

The Coffee Date

After the murderous death of her parents, Hazel Daniels has been set on autopilot; living her life as silently and painlessly as possible. The once quirky and now quiet, introverted girl rarely leaves her house and patiently awaits to plan her parents’ funeral. All Hazel wants is for all the chaos around her to disappear, to put her parents to rest, and to find the new version of herself that the deaths have created.

That is, until her autopilot is jolted off one day by a man, Nathan Summers; a detective who has been given the task to put the Daniels murder case to rest. Pushing aside her anxiety and doubts, Hazel breaks every routine she’s ever known and throws it away for the chance to help solve the mystery of who murdered her parents and finally, maybe, feel normal again. Of course, it’s a little hard to feel normal when you’re solving murder, and are assisted by a handsome detective.

And our entire story begins with a simple cup of coffee, because you know, coffee can solve just about anything.

A research proposal, an overdue nap, or a federal crime.

Connect with the author and read “The Coffee Date”! 



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