As part of my effort to showcase new and aspiring authors, I’m very happy to share the following blurb.

If you would like to participate with yours, simply send an email to and check out this post that explains a few more steps.

I WILL TEACH YOU, THEN by Mica Scotti Kole ( is a YA heroic fantasy whose readership crosses over to adults in their twenties. Complete at 130,000 words, IWTYT combines a newborn, water-loving society with the volcanic world it seeks to rule, and centers around K-1, a slave imprisoned by the war that started it all.



K-1 is one of ten human girls called “baldra” used as servants in the black steel city of Resteth. Administered a daily drug that keeps them in a state of fog, they live an oblivious life of servitude—a life upended the day K-1 hears a voice in her head. The voice calls itself Xabric, and in the dungeons beneath her feet his body is a being tortured over a world-shaking secret. Desperate for help, Xabric convinces K-1 that she is different from the humans that rule her, and the two of them strike a stiff deal: she will help him break free, if he will find a way to take all ten baldra with him.

To help him, K-1 must find ways to escape the dosages of her drug—but her actions begin to expose her. As remnants of her lost past close in, time begins to run out, and soon K-1 is left without Xabric’s voice and with only hours to save him—before not only the baldra, but the entire trembling planet, runs completely out of chances.

IWTYT is a blistering story of upheaval and courage that mixes the fugue and urgency of Ayn Rand’s Anthem with the steampunkish color of His Dark Materials


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