Author Spotlight: How did Tammara Webber make it?

You’re always going to have to learn through your own experience, but it’s best if you’re prepared by having read others who have gone through it.

In 450 words or less, the “Author Spotlights” help shine light on contemporary writers of different genres, and concentrates on how they gained popularity so that you can have a head start on yours.


Indie author Tammara Webber published four books (and wrote an additional four) before hitting a bestseller with Easy. Prior to its release, she wrote weekly teasers and shared the upcoming novel’s cover. Although she “honestly has no idea” how her book got noticed, she does note that  favorable reviews from book bloggers really helped spread the word about it. Her entire marketing strategy is simply to “interact with readers and know [her] audience”.

Her advice to us [this has been shortened, for the full text visit this page]:

(1) Write the best book you can, every time.
(2) Rewrite it if you have to.
(3) Have at least one, preferably two or three critique partners, and trade chapters with them.
(4) Have your book copy edited (preferably by a professional, who is paid to do it.
(5) If you can’t afford to hire a cover artist, make the cover very simple.
(6) Write a good blurb.
(7) Find bloggers who review indie-published books.
(8) You have to write in your voice, and tell your story your way. Some people won’t like what you write – accept this, and work on not caring about outlying opinions. Care about the opinions of the readers who like what you write. That’s your audience. (You can’t please everyone, and you should not try to do so.)
(9) Build a following with an interesting blog […] Let your sense of humor come through. Be human. Interact. And don’t be an asshat.
(10) Make a Facebook page – the title of which is your name – not your book title. Why? Because you are not your book. You are the one and only YOU! And you’ll be writing other books, right? Upload your book cover(s) and character photos (actors/models who look like your characters).
(11) Set up a Twitter account (again, your name).
(12) [Don’t respond to negative reviews]: If you can’t keep from responding to negative reviews, don’t read your books’ reviews.

What really stuck to me was that Tammara Webber didn’t publish her first three books. In her opinion, they just weren’t very good. However, they served as practice. According to her “Writers shouldn’t be tossing out whatever they’ve written just to see what sticks.”

Now that’s some good for thought, right? Are you stuck without knowing whether your current draft is ‘good enough’ to become a book? What do you think about the rest of her advice to writers?

The information in this post comes from here and here.

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2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: How did Tammara Webber make it?

  1. Mica Scotti Kole says:

    Thanks Clara for making your Author Spotlight series 450 words or less… this is so accessible and easy to absorb. I’m having trouble finding other blogs that are short and sweet like this! Really good advice all around 🙂


    • claragwrites says:

      Hi Mica, I’m so so happy you enjoyed this post! There are def more coming.

      Yes, there is a lot of information out there and it’s really hard to sift through it.

      The point is to give concise information from the experts for people trying to publish their own work!


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